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Friday, February 17




Robotech Panel w/ Steve Yun

Harmony Gold’s Steve Yun covers the history of the tele- vision series that introduced a generation to anime and discusses new releases in the wake of the announcement of the live-action feature film.



avatar for Steve Yun

Steve Yun

While still a young college student and part-time hacker in 1998, Steve got his first job at an anime company as a digital animator. It was a dream come true for any fan who grew up on anime to be working somewhere in the industry. After slaving away through 80 hour work weeks and one really bad 100 hour work week where he started hallucinating from being awake too long, Steve called it quits and went back to Riverside where he got his B.A. in... Read More →


J. Michael Tatum Q&A

Here’s your chance to ask J. Michael Tatum all the ques- tions you’ve wanted answer for about voice acting, ADR work, and That Anime Show. 




A Minute of your Time: Anime Openings - Style and Symbolism

Anime often has a short time to catch your attention and much of that time is focused on the introduction. Indeed, the opening is often the first chance to look into the show itself. “A Minute of Your Time” traces the evolution of the anime opening in terms of art styles, music choices and inserted symbolism, to show that sometimes the openers offer a deeper look into the changing face of anime than the show itself. 



My Little Pony: So you wanna be a Brony?

So, you know that new series called My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic? Want to see what it’s all about? Princess Celestia herself will teach you everything you need to know and introduce you to the ponies (and bronies) of Equestria! Songs, interviews and quizzes with prizes await. It’s where magic makes it all complete!



Digital vs. Print w/ Chris Flick

This panel deals with the pros and cons of working in digital, print or both. Chris will cover things a webcomic creator needs to be aware of for print and what print cre- ators need to be aware of for the web. 



avatar for Chris Flick

Chris Flick

Chris graduated from Radford University in 1991 with a graphic design and commercial illustration degree – which he put to use by being everything from a silk-screen illustrator, newspaper production artist and an advertising agency graphic designer. In between all of those gigs, he has continued to find work as a freelance illustrator and caricaturist.


AMV Salad 5: Happy Meal

For a fifth consecutive year, the smorgasbord of laughs is open! Not even the world of children (TV, music, toys, etc) is safe from this horde of AMV editors. Context? What’s that? Who cares! 



Victorian Etiquette to Modern Manners w/ Colette Lovelace & Allison Curval of Clockwork Dolls

Join The Clockwork Dolls’ Colette Lovelace as she explores the intricate rules and values of Victorian etiquette. Learn fascinating facts about the Victorian approach to courting, parties, and day-to-day living, marveling at how outdated some customs seem while others fit perfectly into modern society!



avatar for The Clockwork Dolls

The Clockwork Dolls

When The Clockwork Dolls emerged onto the Steampunk music scene back in 2007, their mission was simple: To create music that serves not only as a source of recreation, but as a storytelling vehicle as well. Utilizing epic orchestral music and operatic vocals, The Clockwork Dolls established their presence in Steampunk music early on and were considered one of the pioneering bands to labeled under the “Steampunk” genre, along with the... Read More →



Japanese Hardcore Music Discussion w/ Allkore
Have you heard of "J-Core" but don't really know what it's about? Want to know more about the kind of music you're going to hear at Saturday's rave?  Or do you just like electronic music with Japanese influence?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this panel is for you.  Learn about the evolution and history of Japanese Hardcore music, and what it might become in the future.  And feel free to ask plenty of questions!

avatar for Allkore


Allkore is an America-based record label started in the early Spring of 2009 by DJ SBZ and DJ Melancholia with the aim of establishing a worldwide , all-inclusive label geared towards fans of the “J-Core”
scene of hardcore music. From the very beginning, Allkore’s goal has been to create enjoyable music that caters to the interests of their fanbase. Allkore’s releases showcase talent from across the globe and are often... Read More →


How to Get Your Start In the Gaming Industry w/ Meagan Marie

Meagan Marie draws from her experience at Game Inform- er (magazine) and Crystal Dynamics (development studio) to offer up tricks and tips for breaking into the gaming industry. Come prepared with questions (or a résumé if you’re an over-achiever!) for the Q&A session at the con- clusion of the panel. 



avatar for Meagan Marie

Meagan Marie

A passion for video games, comics, and anime introduced Meagan Marie to the world of cosplay – a hobby she’s indulged in fully for the last five years. Her modeling background lends itself to a keen eye for set design, and parings with phenomenal photographers have aided in producing several recreations well-known within the cosplay community. A strong focus on prop making and armor fabrication has landed Meagan features in international... Read More →


Saturday Morning Cartoons: the Good, the Bad, & the Monchichi's

Join comic artist, humorist, and cartoon connoisseur Kevin Bolk as he shows off clips from some of the best, worst, and most obscure cartoons from his vast and eclectic VHS collection. Dinosaurs shoot laser beams; Mr. T will punch a shark; and Snow White will meet the Harlem Globetrotters. Warning: this panel may contain Paw Paw Bears. 



Con Horror! (And How Not to be One)

This is a panel about how to not be That Person. Don't be somebody else's con horror story: come to this panel. Discussing cleanliness, glomping, vandalism, being nice to cosplayers, and generally how to be the Best Congoer Ever - while telling the best Con Horror Stories we know.

Saturday, February 18


Delicious Japanese Cuisine

Sushi, tempura, ramen, green tea, pocky... for some, this might be the extent of their experience with Japanese food. However, Japanese cuisine is so much more than that – like... RIDICULOUSLY more than that. Also, there’s a good chance that you might have never really had good Japanese food in the first place, especially if you don’t live in New York or another big city. This panel will discuss some of the most popular and delicious Japanese dishes, including both washoku (traditional cuisine) and yoshoku (Western-inspired cuisine), authentic vs. “counterfeit” vari- ations, and how to find great Japanese food in your area. If you like great food, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t attend this panel. Itadakimasu! 



Ryokucha: Japanese Green Tea

Ryokucha (green tea) is ingrained in the culture and daily life of the Japanese. Utilizing a different growth and pro- cessing method than other green teas, its unique taste also includes a wealth of health benefits. This panel will showcase all the different types of ryokucha, appropriate brewing techniques and a robust tasting seminar of loose leaf and ready-to-drink teas. If you are an existing fan of tea, or only barely interested, this is a panel not to miss! 



Robert Aldrich Q&A

Robert Aldrich knows a lot of things about a lot of varied subjects. Come spend an hour with him; you’re sure to learn something new. 



avatar for Robert V Aldrich

Robert V Aldrich

Robert V Aldrich – professional writer, accomplished speaker, and know-it-all extraordinaire – returns to Katsucon to give panels on a wide variety of anime and anime-related topics, as well as to promote his newest series, Epitaph For A Memory, and the final chapter of Crossworld II: Outcasts. | | A recognized author in numerous mediums, RVA draws from a wide range of anime and Geek-Chic sources to present highly informative panels that... Read More →



Otaku Date & Dash

Want to find that special someone that loves Pocky just as much as you? Then come to our special Otaku-themed speed dating panel! We’ll give our attendants five to eight minutes of time to converse, test your compatibility, or just chat about the latest chapter of your favorite manga, and then swap Wonderland-style to the next person and give it another shot. Who knows? Towards the end, you just might find your Prince Charming or perfect princess or cute tsun- dere schoolgirl you were just too shy to talk to before. 



Rumiko Takahashi: From Tomobiki to Furinkan

Before she began the twelve years of writing her feudal fairytale, Inuyasha, Rumiko Takahashi had already re- ceived the title of the “Queen of Manga”. 30 years after her first appearance, Urusei Yatsura’s Lum still continues to be made into new figurines and used in commercial promo- tions. This panel will recount Takahashi’s early years and the three series that solidified her legacy: Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku and Ranma 1⁄2. 



Hetalia History w/ Walter Amos

Axis Powers Hetalia may be much more than a goofy comedy with lots of doujin fodder; it may be the biggest boon to history teachers in years! Anything getting teens to do independent research on topics from Frederick the Great to the Russo-Japanese war is awesome! This panel will discuss the real history behind some of the scenes, costume designs, and obscure jokes in Hetalia. What’s the outfit Prussia wears when he gloats over Austria? Who is “William I” and why does Japan want to emulate his wail? Answers to these and many other questions await! 



The Geek Comedy Tour- Post Valentine's Mecha Romance

Need a little geek humor in your life? Then hit up this pan- el – it’s a complete geek-focused nerdcore comedy show complete with anime, sci-fi, robots, aliens, the horrors of geek life, geek dating, and prizes. Some material is 13+, with mature topics being discussed by immature people. 



avatar for The Geek Comedy Tour

The Geek Comedy Tour

The Geek Comedy Tour is a collective of the funniest stand-up comedians from the Washington DC area. Each one is an experienced comic, having performed at bars, clubs, and colleges all over the East Coast. Telling their normal jokes to normal audiences but all of that was about to change. | | There was something amiss. For you see, they were all gigantic dorks, and comedy club crowds don’t fully appreciate jokes about comic books, anime, and... Read More →



Totally Subversive Toons

We all remember when cartoons were nice and safe for kids... or were they? Sift through the subtext and you can see how shocking and tradition-defying they were – and still are – to this day. 



Staff Uncensored (21+)

Think that “Guests Uncensored” was wild? You haven’t heard anything yet. Peek behind the curtain and hear the crazy stories of our staff and other conventions’ staff interacting with each other and attendees. 




Jan Scott-Frazier Live (18+)

Jan delivers a high energy experiential autobiographi- cal (often interactive) monologue about her experiences living and working abroad and around the US as well as stories from her eclectic career. Never rehearsed or scripted, the experience is unique each time and has been a favorite at anime cons for over 13 years. 



avatar for Jan Scott-Frazier

Jan Scott-Frazier

Jan worked in the animation (anime) industry in Japan for almost 14 years. She attended animation school and later went on to work at a number of studios in including Artland, Production IG and Atelier BWCA on shows including RikiOh 2,Locke the Superman (OVA), Shurato (OVA), Bubblegum Crash (OVA) and Tottoi(feature). She become an expert in many different aspects of animation production, such as cel painting, animating, backgrounds, camera and... Read More →



Richard Epcar’s Out Take Panel (18+)

Join Richard Epcar as he shares hilarious outtakes of Lupin the Third, Noein, and Bobobo-bobobobo.



avatar for Richard Epcar

Richard Epcar

Richard Epcar has voiced over 300 characters and is well known to fans starting with ‘ROBOTECH’ in which he played ‘BEN DIXON’, ‘LUNK’, ‘GREL’, and now ‘CAPT. VINCE GRANT’ in ‘ROBOTECH: THE SHADOW CHRONICLES’ , which he also directed. | | He is the voice of ‘BATOU’ in all things ‘GHOST IN THE SHELL’. | | Most recently he’s in a brand new series from Nickelodeon, ‘AVATAR: THE LEGEND OF KORRA’.



Anime Dating Game (18+)

This panel is a spin-off of The Dating Game from TV, but with anime and video game characters. For those too young to remember the source material, it’s an audience interactive game where a ‘bachelor’ or ‘bachelorette’ tries to win a blind ‘date’ with one of the contestants! 



OMG!..WTF Did I Just Watch? (18+)

Spend an hour watching examples of why Japanese TV is so much better (or perhaps worse) than ours. There will be music videos, comedy, game shows, weird commercials, pro- wrestling highlights, and whatever else we could find. This has nothing to do with anime, so leave the kids at the door. 



Digital Love 4, What It Got to 4 (18+)

The world is filled with many beautiful things such as love. This panel will be about love... well, a special kind of love. It’s the love that includes S/M, yaoi, yuri, futanari, Goo girls, shotas, lolis and much more. The panelists will examine the psychological reasoning behind hentai and some of its more popular fetishes. Some of the questions the panelists will investigate are:

Does liking loli or shota make one a pedophile?
If you’re a girl likes Yaoi, does that make you gay?
If you’re a guy and like futanari, does it not make you gay? It should prove to be an enlightening discussion. 


Sunday, February 19


AKB48: More idols than you know what to do with!

Kawaii pop idols! Music videos! Dancing! Hilarious Japa- nese TV antics! Crazy fanbase! You won’t find a bigger or more popular girl group in Japan these days than AKB48. They top the music charts with their catchy singles. Their forty-eight faces appear everywhere: magazines, TV, advertisements, EVERYWHERE! This panel hopefully will convert you to be a part of the giant AKB48 fanbase by introducing you to the wonder of AKB48. 



Copyrights For Artists w/ Garth Graham

In a world of legal ambiguity, frequent lawsuits, and intense fandom, it’s easy to run afoul of copyrights. Come talk with artist and comicker Garth Graham as he lays down the basics of copyright, clears away common misconceptions, and does his best to chart the muddy course of just what copyrights mean for artists: how they protect their work and how to avoid stepping on the toes of other creators. 



avatar for Garth Graham

Garth Graham

They just say how professional he is as he lurks in modest internet fame, churning out captivating comics since 2004 in an artistic style that mystically abducts the essences of both western comics and eastern manga; blending them together through patent pending methods into an addictive drug that tantalizes the optic nerves in ways science has yet to be able to explain.


Webcomic Artists Unite w/ All Webcomic Guests

To combat Earth’s mightiest villains, the webcomics artists here at Katsucon have banded together. However, due to Earth’s badly polluted atmosphere, their powers can only sustain them for sixty minutes. Go, webcomic artists! Fight in the name of love and justice! 



"Chris Says 'Do It Again!'" – A Voice Director Q&A w/ Chris Ayres & Chris Bevins

How does casting work? Why did that one character have that weird accent? What do directors listen for in an audi- tion or demo? Join voice directors Christopher Bevins and Christopher Ayres (and maybe a couple of voice directors NOT named Chris) as they share insights and anecdotes from their years of experience on “the other side of the mic” and answer all your questions relating to the dub recording process! 



avatar for Christopher Ayres

Christopher Ayres

Christopher Ayres has been working professionally in theatre, television and film since the age of 6. His work has been seen Regionally, Nationally and on Broadway. He currently works as a voice actor for ADV FILMS and FUNimation ENTERTAINMENT.
avatar for Christopher Bevins

Christopher Bevins

Since 2001, Christopher Bevins has recorded, cast, directed, produced, acted in and/or adapted scripts for nearly 100 anime series, movies and specials. | | Outside of anime, Chris’ interests include magic, crosswords and comic books… But mostly the comic books. In fact, his comics collection is old enough that it should’ve gotten a job and moved out of the house by now.


Geek Comedy Tour Q&A

Did you come away from the earlier Geek Comedy Tour panels with even more questions? Well, now’s your chance to ask them. 


avatar for The Geek Comedy Tour

The Geek Comedy Tour

The Geek Comedy Tour is a collective of the funniest stand-up comedians from the Washington DC area. Each one is an experienced comic, having performed at bars, clubs, and colleges all over the East Coast. Telling their normal jokes to normal audiences but all of that was about to change. | | There was something amiss. For you see, they were all gigantic dorks, and comedy club crowds don’t fully appreciate jokes about comic books, anime, and... Read More →


Steampunk Costuming

Assemble your steampunk wardrobe from thrift shops, Etsy, historic and modern patterns, specialty vendors, and bespoke tailors. The Steampunk Family and friends will show off styles and hand out tips for the look that suits your ideals, your talents, and your budget.