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Friday, February 17


SAO Closed Practice - No Attendees!!!!

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Symphonic Anime Orchestra

Symphonic Anime Orchestra (SAO) is run by a team of four people who bring together the worlds of Anime and Classical music through large ensembles, chamber music and panels. SAO plays gripping background music, peppy opening and ending themes, videogame music and heart felt Jrock. | SAO is made up of dedicated anime fans of all ages who enjoy music. If you play an instrument, you can play with us at KatsuCon



Wiggin' Out! Cosplay Style: Novice Edition

Wigs can be foreign and downright scary! Come join Wig Commissioner DizzyLizzy and friends as they discuss and demonstrate several techniques for novice and even advanced cosplayers. Questions are welcome. Let’s get wiggin’!! 



Wiggin' Out! Cosplay Style: Advanced Edition

Wigs can be foreign and downright scary! Come join Wig Commissioner DizzyLizzy and friends as they discuss and demonstrate several techniques for the advanced cosplayer. Novices are welcome to join in on the fun. Questions are fantastic. Let’s get wiggin’!! 



How to Mix w/ Allkore
Have you ever wondered just what that DJ on the stage is doing with all those knobs and buttons?  Or are you already a DJ, but want to learn and share techniques?  Come check out the mixing 101 panel, hosted by the DJs from Allkore.  We'll have an explanation of the fundamentals of mixing, and talk about some of the things you definitely DON'T want to do.  We'll also have some live demonstrations from our very experienced DJs.

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Allkore is an America-based record label started in the early Spring of 2009 by DJ SBZ and DJ Melancholia with the aim of establishing a worldwide , all-inclusive label geared towards fans of the “J-Core”
scene of hardcore music. From the very beginning, Allkore’s goal has been to create enjoyable music that caters to the interests of their fanbase. Allkore’s releases showcase talent from across the globe and are often... Read More →


Let's Make Video Game Music!

In this panel, attendees will be asked to participate by think- ing of video game scenarios or concepts and as a group we will create the music for these ideas. We will see and experience the process of composing music for games! Come and share your creativity! Musicians: please feel free to participate in some of the recording/composition. 



Super-Natural Makeup

From perfect geisha-white to full-body blue: how to attain a natural-looking unnatural skin color. Come out and play with us as we demonstrate products and techniques on audience volunteers! 



Moe Moe What?

Moe: a term used in otaku culture that (very) roughly translates to “cute.” Yet, such a simple translation gives no credit to how complicated this word really is. Come join us in a discussion of both the meaning of moe and its impli- cations on otaku culture in general. 




The "Plus" Side to Cosplay

Biggirl,youAREbeautiful! DizzyLizzyandfriendswilldis- cuss the dynamics of plus-size costuming from the nitty gritty of construction to the coping with negativity. Bring your questions, comments, and stories to share! 


Saturday, February 18


Coloring With Copics

Learn the secrets and techniques of professionals. This isn’t your basic tutorial; this fast-paced workshop will grant you with the knowledge you need to excel at color- ing with Copics. 



Writing Techniques: What not to do (Or at least do it in style)

Participate in a fun and productive exercise spotting the deliberate flaws in a variety of samples written by author J-F Bibeau for the exclusive purpose of this panel. Ways to avoid and correct these writing flaws (or turn them into bold statements!) will be discussed. 




SAO Closed Practice - No Attendees!!!!

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Symphonic Anime Orchestra

Symphonic Anime Orchestra (SAO) is run by a team of four people who bring together the worlds of Anime and Classical music through large ensembles, chamber music and panels. SAO plays gripping background music, peppy opening and ending themes, videogame music and heart felt Jrock. | SAO is made up of dedicated anime fans of all ages who enjoy music. If you play an instrument, you can play with us at KatsuCon



Worldbuilding 101 w/ T. Campbell & Phil Kahn

To paraphrase Carl Sagan: if you want tell a story from scratch, you must first invent a universe. What points of detail are the most crucial to consider when developing a believable fictional/fantasy universe? We’ll share with you what we’ve learned from years of practice and give you some distinct points and questions to consider before you begin. 



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T. Campbell

An ex-stage actor and failed Internet shut-in, T Campbell has written eighteen gazintillion pages of comics, won some awards and gotten high-flying writers to praise his work, so if you don’t love his series, it’s probably your own damn fault. Besides Guilded Age, his series include Quiltbag, Penny and Aggie, Fans, Rip and Teri, Widgetitis, Divalicious and Cool Cat Studio, plus about fourteen seconds’ worth of work for Marvel and Archie. He... Read More →
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Phil Kahn

A longtime Professional Neckbeard, Phil Kahn has spent a few years writing for various Webcomic, Webcomic Criticism, and Webcomic Enthusiast sites, and is now trying to take his accumulated knowledge and put it all to good use on Guilded Age. While building a daytime career as an IT Support Specialist and Pokémon Trainer, he also spends a great deal of time practicing silly voices/faces in front of a mirror for the inevitable day where the... Read More →




So You Want to Go to Japan?

Do you want to go to Japan, but need advice? This is the panel for you! I’ll teach you everything you need to know for a vacation in Japan. You’ll get a crash course in Japanese language and etiquette. Learn what to bring, how to get around, where to stay, what to do, what to eat, and more. All anecdotes come from my year studying in Tokyo and my multiple trips to and travels around the Land of the Rising Sun (and anime). I’ll show you how to save your money and how then to proceed to blow it all on souvenirs.


Photoshop For Comic Artists/ Garth Graham

Come watch a demonstration of the artistry that goes into every single panel. From basic coloring techniques to ad- vanced lighting theory, Garth Graham will show you how simple it all really is. 



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Garth Graham

They just say how professional he is as he lurks in modest internet fame, churning out captivating comics since 2004 in an artistic style that mystically abducts the essences of both western comics and eastern manga; blending them together through patent pending methods into an addictive drug that tantalizes the optic nerves in ways science has yet to be able to explain.


Improving Artistic Skills Unleash Your Creativity w/ Jan Scott-Frazier

Anybody can learn to draw and anybody who already draws can benefit from a new viewpoint on their art. Jan Frazier has been a professional artist for over 18 years and covers a wide variety of artistic techniques and aids. 



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Jan Scott-Frazier

Jan worked in the animation (anime) industry in Japan for almost 14 years. She attended animation school and later went on to work at a number of studios in including Artland, Production IG and Atelier BWCA on shows including RikiOh 2,Locke the Superman (OVA), Shurato (OVA), Bubblegum Crash (OVA) and Tottoi(feature). She become an expert in many different aspects of animation production, such as cel painting, animating, backgrounds, camera and... Read More →


Creating Comics w/ Stan Sakai

This panel takes you through a step-by-step look at creat- ing a comic book story from initial idea to outline, thumb- nails, pencils, and inking. 



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Stan Sakai

Stan Sakai was born in Kyoto, Japan, raised in Hawaii, and currently lives in Southern California. His creation, Usagi Yojimbo the samurai rabbit, was first published in 1984. Since then, Usagi has been on television, as a guest of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and has been made into toys, statues, seen on clothing, and featured in a series of graphic novels. His latest, Usagi Yojimbo Book 25: Fox Hunt, was published in July, 2011.


Princess Jellyfish Craft Panel w/ Adam Shehan of FunImation

Love Princess Jellyfish? Come join me to make your own Clara stuffy to love. Materials are all provided, but the panel is limited to 30. See your convention schedule for the room. 



Webcomics are Really Business w/ Danielle Corsetto & Randy Millholland

Often if one is asked, “What do you do for a living?” and one replies, “I have a webcomic”, the inevitable second question is, “No, really. What do you DO for a living?” Webcomics, if you will pardon the vernacular, are indeed serious business. Join Danielle and Randy as they walk you through some of the behind-the-scenes machinations of having one’s comic be one’s method of earning a living. 



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Danielle Corsetto

Danielle Corsetto is the creator of the hit webcomic “Girls With Slingshots,” a weekdaily strip about two girls, a bar, and a talking cactus. | | She also created “The New Adventures of Bat Boy” for the Weekly World News, following the honorable Peter Bagge after his run on the strip. | | This is Danielle’s second year exhibiting at Katsucon and she’s excited to return! Danielle hails from Shepherdstown, West Virginia, where she... Read More →
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Randy Milholland

Randy Milholland has been drawing the webcomic Something*Positive since 2001 and making people uncomfortable even longer. Ask him nicely and he’ll draw a free fast sketch for you. His hobbies include cooking, hiding acorns, and forgetting to write bios and making poor, unfortunate con staff members miserable.


Weiss Schwarz - The Anime TCG from Japan

Come learn about one of Japan’s best TCGs based on popular anime and games, Weiss Schwarz! In this game you use your charicters to battle your opponent to try and get their program off the air before yours. An introduction to the rules will be given then anyone interested can try out a game using provided trial decks translated into English. The brand new Madoka set will also be available for use for the first time at this event. 


The Life and Works of Hideaki Anno

Neon Genesis Evangelion has been wildly successful and popular worldwide. But despite its popularity, its principal creator, Hideaki Anno, remains shrouded in mystery for many people. This panel will take a look at his life and works and provide biographical information about the man who created Evangelion.

Sunday, February 19


Historical Costuming for Cosplay

A look at the different types of clothing worn by your favorite characters.  Emphasis on traditional Japanese with a look at Victorian clothes and related fashion lines like Gothic Lolita and Steampunk.



Makeup Styling & Wig Cutting w/ Linda Le

Linda Le presents a lesson plan on natural cosplay make-up and how to make your eyes look and appear “anime-ish.” She’ll also tell you what to do with those crazy eyelashes. If that weren’t enough, she can show you how cutting the strands with a razor can make your wig look like a million bucks (all for less than $10).

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Linda Le

Linda Le has always been a dreamer since she was a small girl. Paint brushes and her Mom’s sewing machines always made their presence known around her old house in Oklahoma. Blaring in the background would be Transformers, GI Joe, Rainbow Brite, and He-Man. Toys filled her room as well as NES video games stacked ready to play. She was born an Otaku with her brothers, and enjoys Metal music.


Video Game Voice Acting Workshop w/ Kyle Hebert

Join voice actor Kyle Hebert as he demonstrates how video game voice acting is done, utilizing volunteers from the audience. Get ready to dive into dialog and fight sounds! 



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Kyle Hebert

Kyle Hebert is a Los Angeles-based anime and video game voice actor whose credits include Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (Ryu), Naruto (Kiba), Bleach (Aizen, Ganju), X Men Arcade (all male voices) and Gurren Lagann (Kamina). He is best known as the Narrator and Teen Gohan from Dragonball Z. Other notable roles include Soul Eater (Masamune), Ouran High School Host Club (Kazukiyo Soga), Fullmetal Alchemist (Vato Falman), Tales of Symphonia (Richter Abend... Read More →


Prop Building

Prop making 101
This entry level class will teach you how to break down props and figure out the best way to go about creating them. We will go over material, tools, and painting processes.

Prop making 102
This advance level class will go over differnt techquines and different material combonations and the pros and con of each during the building process 


Chocolate Covered Cosplay Discusses Con-Culture

Ever had someone troll your costume? Too tall to be Krillin, too skinny to be Wario, or not exactly the same heritage as Mulan? We are a group of five women of color dedicated to promoting the freedom of cosplay by showcasing and empowering the gamer/nerd/geek/cosplayer within us all chocolate style!

We welcome all fans – girls and guys – of all different backgrounds to come meet the lovely ladies of Chocolate- Covered Cosplay for an open and honest dialogue on con culture and see what we ladies of C3 are all about.